Super Sportsman


* Stock unless otherwise stated.

* Weight MUST be posted on hood, with safety weight break listed, due to different engine options. Weights can/will be adjusted if tracks deem necessary for fair & equal competition.

* Must add 50 pounds if perches are moved.

* Front and rear wrecker pick-ups are MANDATORY.

Body: Please see drawings at end of rule book: Any full size American car or truck, 102" wheelbase minimum. Doors & fenders may be aluminum. Must have steel floor pan under driver. Must run complete, enclosed cockpit. Front firewall location may be moved for engine clearance. Firewall may be replaced aluminum or steel material ONLY. Rear of car may be open. Can cut for tire clearance and can remove inside wheel wells. Push bars must be behind grill. Any nose OK. NO flared fenders. No MD3 or MD3 style noses. AR Dirt Bodies approved. Solid mounts OK. Cars must remain stock appearing. May have max. 8" rear spoiler ( 8" tall x 24" long side spoilers or spill plates). May run 3 spill plates. See diagram for measurements. Maximum spoiler height 50". May run one 4" spoiler inside car. Hood and trunk straps permitted. (May run hole in hood for breather). 48" x 48" min. roof. Max. body width 72".

Chassis: Must have roll cage, and all safety equipment. Cage must secure to uni-body. All cars frame may be tied together under floor pan. Wheel base stock (2" tolerance). 7.5" min chassis height on Johnson Chassis.

* Johnson Racing X.Y.G. Metric Chassis Allowed. (This is the ONLY aftermarket chassis that is allowed.) Please visit .

* All tubular frames will be serial numbered. Any tubular frame without the Crate Racing serial numbers will be considered illegal. Any Johnson frame or repaired clip found to be altered could result in fines or suspensions.

* Stock metric frames have to option to be repaired Crate Racing USA tubular front and/or rear clip. Front and Rear clips will also have Crate Racing USA serial numbers.

* Stock metric frames have the option to run the following Johnson Racing Parts:

Left Upper A Frame: JCI-09-02-003R
Right Upper A Frame: JCI-09-02-003L
Left Lower A Frame: JCI-09-02-01RC-L-SP
Right Lower A Frame: JCI-09-02-01RC-R-SP
Rear Upper Trailing Arm: JCI-09-03-04B
Rear Lower Trailing Arm: JCI-09-03-03B


* No notching of frame for tie rod clearance. Johnson Chassis that have been notched must cover the notched area on sides and bottom of frame with .125 steel.

Steering: Stock O.E.M. Quickeners ok.

Suspension: Must be stock. Screw jacks OK on rear only. Lowering blocks OK. Adjustable cups OK. Spring buckets or cans OK. Height of buckets 6" maximum in stock location. Springs may be changed. (racing springs, different lengths). Front spring spacers ok. Springs must remain in stock position forward and aft, and left and right. May cut top A-frames to adjust camber and caster (Top a-arm only may be tube non adjustable). Stock perches, must be in stock location. May enlarge hole for shock clearance. Spindle savers ok. Steel, nylon bushing, or monoballs OK.

Shocks: Steel body non-adjustable racing shocks OK. NO Schrader valves. Hypervalve or external fill port must be covered with JB weld. NO bump stop on shocks. May relocate rear only. Front shocks must remain in stock location. Front shock mounts may be moved up (Vertically) to prevent bottoming out with 3" max. from stock position. Heim joints OK on shocks only. May cut rear top control arm to adjust for pinion angle ONLY. NO coil over type adjustments. Heim joints allowed only where stated.

Shock Claim - Front - $150 each. Rear - $200 each including Heims. Have to be claimed within 5 minutes after main event with money and written claim given together to tech man. Shock is bought "as is".

Transmission: Factory stock straight drive with all working gears. Must be same make as engine. Must have been a production transmission for auto manufacturer. Bert/Brinn type tranny ONLY- NO power glides- NO Jerico. Must have working reverse, may remove gears, may have straight cut teeth.

Flywheel: Stock steel flywheel (No less than 10 1/2", must weigh 14 lbs min). Clutch and pressure plate or triple disc clutch with flex plate is OK (No smaller than 5.5"). NO single disc.

Driveshaft: Any steel 1 1/2" or larger. Must be painted white, with car number. Must have safety loop.

Rearend: Stock type or may run 9" Ford. Must run stock mounting points with no adjustability. Any ratio okay. May be locked. Floater legal. NO WIDE FIVES. Any axle or any gear. Upper control arm mounts 8" max from center of axle tube to center of trailing arm bolt. Lower control arm mounts 3 1/2" - 4 1/2" max from center of axle tube to center of trailing arm bolt.

Brakes: Stock caliper for make and type of car disc OK (No 4 piston calipers) Disc brakes legal. No aftermarket, no aluminum. Must have operational wheel braking system. NO WIDE FIVES. Racing pedals OK. Adjusters OK.


Wheels: Any steel 8" maximum. Large wheel studs OK. Bead locks OK, outward facing only.

Tires: EMOD, M500, H500, AR 27.5/8.0/15, 26.5/8.0/15 Med or Hard. No grooving or siping. Tires susceptible to Chemical Tire Protest.

Fuel: Must pass track test. Fuel cell must be mounted inside of trunk.

Headers/Exhaust System: Any standard 4 into 1 collector. Any length pipe, must stay same diameter. No coatings allowed. No tri-y's, NO "X" or merge type pipes allowed. Exhaust EVAC system OK.

Engine Location: #1 spark plug in line or in front of top ball joint. 0 Tolerance.


Engine Option #1: * 3200 lbs & 3100 lbs - SEE HEADS OPTION #1 & #2

* Must match make of car, Chevrolet for Chevrolet, Ford for Ford, etc. Chevrolet 365 Max cubic inch- NO TOLERANCE. Ford 365 max cubic inch - NO TOLERANCE. Chrysler 374 max cubic inch - NO TOLERANCE. No Vacuum pumps, may vent to header.

Block: Cast iron OEM only (No aftermarket, Bowtie or SVO). May plug, or install vent pipes, or screens. Studs and strapping caps are ok. Steel caps are ok. May Plug deck and re-drill water holes. Maximum cylinder bore of .080"

Crankshaft: Any steel stock appearing crank. Cast iron or steel. No billet. 50 lb min weight for steel cranks, 47 lbs. minimum weight for cast iron. Stock stroke for engine size. May balance (Drill hole, weld, minor grinding). For balancing purposes the counterweights may be turned. Must maintain 1.950 for steel /1.750 for cast. No knife edging. No pendulum undercut. No polishing or lightening of counterweights or throws. May cross drill oil holes, chamfer oil holes, large radius allowed on bearing journals. Will be weighed with cam gear and pilot bushing.

Rods: Any steel rods. No aluminum or titanium rods. May be reworked, can float pins.

Piston: Any flat top. Eyebrows legal.

Oil Pan: Any wet sump oil pan.


HEADS OPTION #1 - 3200 lbs - Stock cast iron OEM. No Bowtie or angle plug heads. May run double hump. Competition valve job permitted. Any angle any depth. All angles must be concentric and in line with valve guide. May have .750 hand blend from top of 45 degree (7/8 will be wrong). Screw in studs and guide plates OK. Roller Rockers are permitted. May also run aftermarket GM World Product Heads #011250-037. Ford World Products #824-53030. Competition valve job with bowl cut OK.

Valves: Any stock diameter, steel valve permitted. Valve may have under cut stem. 2.02" (Intake) and 1.6" (Exhaust) valve sizes are allowed.

Valve Spring: Any steel. Single or double.

Retainers: Any steel or titanium valve spring retainers allowed.


HEADS OPTION #2 - 3100 lbs. - Cast iron O.E.M. straight plug only. Double hump ok. No Bow Tie or Vortec. May have competition valve job with bowl cut. Bowl cut must be concentric and in line with valve guide. Screw in studs, poly-locks, guide plates, stud girdles ok. Roller rocker arms okay. NO Shaft Rockers. Aftermarket alt heads GM World Products #824194. Ford World Products #824-53030, competition valve job with bowl cut OK.

Valves: Any stock diameter, steel valve permitted. No Titanium. Chevy- Intake=1.949 Exhaust=1.509. All other stock from make.

Valve Spring: Any steel valve springs. May run double valve springs.

Retainers: Any steel spring retainers allowed.


Camshaft: Hydraulic or Mechanical .500 lift max checked with valve. Hydraulic will be checked with solid lifter and .000 lash. Mechanical will be checked with .025 lash period. All cams must match make of car, GM to GM, Ford to Ford, etc. MUST be OEM firing order.

Lifter: Any hydraulic or solid flat tappet lifter. Stock diameter only for engine ran. No roller lifter. May plug or install vent pipes or screens in lifter galley. May run Lifter valley pan.

Intake: OEM Bowtie cast iron intake, or any aluminum, as cast. No modifications.

Fuel Pump: Stock only.

Carburetor: May run stock, may remove choke flap. Chevy-Quadra-Jet-Ford-Motorcraft (single line only) or 650 Holley #4777. MUST pass track gauges. No 4 corner idle screws. May remove choke flap only. May drill holes through butterfly. No other modifications allowed. (Exception: May change jets, power valve) Any 1" Spacer. Or may run 2" Spacer with no more than (2) .070" thick gaskets.

Ignition: Stock. May have chip. Billet distributor OK. Any wires. MSD box allowed or same as.

Balancer: ANY

* Timing Chain, gear set or wet belt cam timing ok. NO dry belts.


Engine Option #2: *3050 lbs.

* Sealed GM Crate Engine only: Part #88958604.

Carburetor: May run stock, may remove choke flap. Chevy-Quadra-Jet-Ford-Motorcraft (single line only) or 650 Holley #4777. MUST pass track gauges. No 4 corner idle screws. May remove choke flap only. May drill holes through butterfly. No other modifications allowed. (Exception: may change jets, power valve) Any 1" Spacer. Spacer may not protrude into carburetor or intake at any point; one gasket per surface, 0.070 maximum. No fuel injection, nitrous oxide, or other type system allowed.

Ignition: May run MSD Type 6 box with 1 rev limiter plug/chip. 604 may run HEI distributor.


Engine must remain the same as supplied from GM; to GM specifications.

Engine rebuild must use ALL Genuine GM Crate Engine parts only except for main, rod and cam bearings. Aftermarket stock type production bearings may be used; no "H" or coated bearings; production type only. NO high performance or "race" bearings.
No grinding or polishing of any parts. You may deburr any sharp edges on block or cylinder head chambers. May hone block only. NO overbore.

Deck height: MINIMUM .020 NO TOLERANCE.

Due to design or production changes made by GM, parts may be held until clarifications with GM can be made.


Engine Option #3: *2950 lbs.

* Engine must be same make as car. Engine must be STRICTLY STOCK. No factory high performance allowed. Cubic Inch: (Chevy - 350 C.I.) (Ford - 351 C.I.) (Chrysler - 360 C.I.)

Block: Stock cast iron OEM, may overbore .060 MAXIMUM (NO TOLERANCE). May deck block to .000 deck only (NO TOLERANCE).

Crankshaft: Factory stock for engine running or the following part numbers: Scat part #4-350-3480 or Eagle part #ESP103503480 and ESP103523480. 9-350-3480-5700 2 piece, 9-10442 2 piece, 9-10526 1 piece, 4-350-3480-5700 2 piece, 4-350-3480-5700L 1 piece, 103503480, 103523480. NO CUTTING ALLOWED.

Rods: Factory stock for engine running OK. NO WORK ALLOWED OF ANY KIND. May run any rod bolt. May run Eagle rod part #ESP5700BPLW or Scat part #SCA-25700P. Floating pin OK.


Pistons: May use any flat top or dish stock replacement piston, forged or hypereutectic. Flat top piston must have 4 valve relief's (Factory). No custom machining allowed, must use standard (Wide) ring package 5/64th", 5/64th", 3/16th". Coating on skirts OK. No custom pistons. May cut valve pockets.

Intake: Option 1 - Factory stock, cast iron, low rise only. Valley pan OK. Option 2 - Edelbrock part #5001 or 2101. Must remain box stock, no alterations. Any 1" spacer. Option 3 - Dart Heads with 2101 or 7101. Any of these weights can be adjusted for competition purposes.

Fuel System

Fuel: Track fuel ONLY. Must pass track test.

Carburetor: OEM Stock single line 2 barrel or 4 barrel for make. Must use stock or stock replacement gasket. May drill holes in butterflies. No spacer allowed. NO HIGH PERFORMANCE. Or may run box stock Holley 650 #4777. No 4 corner idle screws. May run 1" adapter for Holley carb. to stock manifold with no more than (2) .070" thick gaskets. May remove choke flap. May drill holes in butterflies. Must pass track gauges. May run maximum 2" air cleaner riser.

Fuel Pump: Stock OEM only.

No cold air boxes, may cut hole in hood for air cleaner with 4 1/2" max. tall scoop or air deflector. Scoop may be no more than 4" wider than air cleaner.

Heads: Factory stock or Dart, cast iron OEM straight plug only, screw in studs allowed. No high performance or double hump allowed. NO BLEND WORK ALLOWED. Competition Valve job OK. Bowl cut OK, may not bore below guide boss. May run roller rockers 1.5 ratio for Chevy, 3/8 and 7/16 stud, no stud girdles allowed. Buy rule $225. For other engine manufacturers, stock rocker ratio. Any steel valve spring. Any steel retainer. POLYLOCKS OK. GUIDE PLATES OK. Stock diameter stainless steel valves OK. May run Dart Head SS #10024361. Dart heads may NOT use the Edelbrock part #5001. Can ONLY run the 2101 or 7101 intake. Any 1" spacer with 2101 only. No porting or polishing of intakes.

* 64 CC MIN chamber volume.

* Any stainless valve - 11/32" stem - 1.949 intake - 1.509 exhaust. No titanium keepers, retainers, etc.

* Any steel valve spring. Steel retainers and keepers only. Stud mounted rocker arms only - 1.5 ratio.

Camshaft: MUST BE Flat Tappet HYDRAULIC LIFTERS ONLY. Any timing chain. May degree camshaft. Cam must be OEM .425 maximum lift for Chevrolet; others will be .450 maximum lift. May run valley tray.


Oil Pan: Any wet sump.

Balancers: Factory stock or aftermarket OK.

*Aftermarket pulley system and belts OK.

*Any plugs and plug wires OK.

*No electric radiator cooling fans

*No electric water pumps.




1. Stock appearing distributor with stock appearing module. May lock advance and/or change springs.


2. May run brass distributor gear.

Engine Claim

Claimer rule on crate motor only 604 $5,200. Track will keep $50. Engine will be received with accessories as supplied from GM. Only highest finishing crate engine may be claimed. Only driver on the same lap can claim. If more than one person claims, the driver finishing the farthest back gets 1st choice.


(Two Things Only) $300 with track retaining $100.

Bottom End protest - $600 with track retaining $100.

Under Hood Visual Protest - $50 straight fee to look for carb # (After Heats Only).

Shock Claim - Front - $150 each. Rear - $200 each including Heims.

(Tire Chemical Protest) $125 per tire to protest. $125 per tire acceptance fee. 3 grooved strips removed from tire and sent for lab testing.

COMPLETE CRATE ENGINE PROTEST RULE: Protest Fee is $1000 and Acceptance Fee is $400. The winner of the protest receives $1000 and track receives $400 to compensate those involved in the technical inspection process. In the case of a full engine protest, track representative will claim engine and meet at "selected" technical inspector's business at the appointed time. Illegal parts may be confiscated and destroyed!


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